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New York City Recorded Document Program

According to a Notice issued by New York City’s Department of Finance, the Department has implemented a program “to allow property owners, lienors, or their designees (or executors/ administrators of the estate of owners) to register to receive electronic notification when a deed or deed-related document, or a mortgage, or mortgage-related documents, affecting an ownership interest in real property has been recorded against a property in the City of New York.

This program will alert registered property owners when documents are recorded without their knowledge and will allow them to take steps to limit the harm caused by the recording of a fraudulent document.”

Further, according to the Notice, “Property owners, lienors or their designees, or executors/administrators of the estate of owners, who have an interest in real property in the City of New York can register using the borough, block and lot number or the address of the property to receive an email, text message or letter each time a deed, mortgage or related document is recorded against the registered property”.

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