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Mortgage Issues In NYC

The purchase of a building, co-op or home is a complex process and, for many, a brand new experience. Even the most savvy of individuals and business owners are overwhelmed by the processes and documentation involved. Before signing anything, they want to understand all aspects of the purchase, specifically the risks involved.

Many issues can arise in securing a mortgage to purchase property. Questions arise regarding qualifying for financing and what the bank will require. They want to know about any government regulations that will be involved. This is no time to do it yourself. For over 60 years, the real estate attorneys at Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, have helped residents of Queens and surrounding boroughs get through complex transactions.

Helping Queens Residents With Real Estate Transactions Since 1950

For buyers, we educate them on the documents they are signing. If certain aspects of the agreement are not satisfactory, we enter into negotiations as needed. We want to ensure that buyers are getting what they pay for. Throughout the purchasing process, we remain at their side. Our Queens mortgage lawyers ensure that the rights of buyers are protected if disputes arise over commissions, nondisclosure, discrimination or fraud.

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Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, offers free initial consultations and operates three offices for clients’ convenience. Our main office is located at the intersection of Queens Blvd. and Union Turnpike and is easily reached by the subway lines, multiple bus routes and the LIRR, and by car. To contact a Queens, New York, attorney, call 866-679-2513 or 718-577-2573.