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If you are evaluating or preparing to execute a commercial real estate transaction, your decision to contact Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, could be the most important decision you make.

Clear Strengths In NYC Commercial Closings And Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have been handling commercial closings in New York City and the surrounding areas with diligence and the utmost in client responsiveness for decades. We can also bring proven legal skill and power to bear on your commercial real estate dispute. You can count on receiving practical, informed legal guidance as a business owner or private party in need of services such as:

  • Comprehensive protection of your interests as you pursue the purchase or sale of a building, land parcel for commercial development or other real property
  • Issue spotting and problem resolution for critical business transactions, including drafting, review and negotiation of commercial leases
  • Representation in contract disputes, partnership disputes or other matters that require adept negotiation as they could lead to real estate litigation
  • Situational and ongoing counsel for you as a developer, residential landlord or commercial property owner

Answering The Diverse Needs Of Businesses And Religious Organizations

Our Queens commercial real estate attorneys are a trusted resource for New York City, Nassau County and Westchester County business owners, property holders and entrepreneurs. In addition, we have developed a clear strength in property sales for churches, synagogues and other religious entities — all of which typically require complex interaction with the state attorney general and an independent property appraiser.

Our commercial real estate practice is led by accomplished attorney Lynn L. Sirotkin, who has been with us since 1983. For insight into her ability to deliver favorable results and ensure positive experiences for people across the spectrum of life and business in the New York City area, please view our recent client testimonials.

Consult With Our Business Real Estate Attorneys

Whether you are targeting a successful, efficiently executed real estate deal or are engaged in a dispute, we invite you to speak with a lawyer at our firm. We offer a consultation focused squarely on your specific needs and goals. Call us at 866-679-2513 or 718-577-2573 or reach out to us via email.