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Pelvic Fracture Cases And Recovery Of Compensation

Though all areas of the body are susceptible to injuries, fractures of the hip and pelvis are unusually common, often resulting from motor vehicle crashes, slip-and-fall mishaps and nursing home accidents. Pelvic and hip injuries also occur when doctors commit surgical errors.

Hip and pelvis fractures can often be treated effectively but, even with a full recovery, patients experience pain and a period of immobilization. When hip and pelvis fractures occur in older patients, permanent disability can result. And when the organs behind the pelvic bones are injured, then embolisms, hemorrhaging, damaged organs and even a fatality can result. To protect your rights and ensure you understand your rights to compensation, speak with a New York City hip fracture lawyer.

We Have Handled Dozens Of Hip And Pelvis Injury Cases

Our firm has handled dozens of hip and pelvis fracture and injury cases and has a long history of consistent high-value awards. We work both with an in-house doctor and with an established network of medical experts to assess and document serious injuries and their effects.

A recent case illustrates our effectiveness in handling hip and pelvis injury cases. Our client visited her doctor with pelvic pain. While the doctor performed a laparotomy, our client’s abdominal adhesions were not treated and no expert was consulted. A bowel obstruction eventually occurred and our client passed away. We brought the case to trial where we won a verdict of almost $2 million.

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If you or a loved one broke or fractured a hip or pelvic bone in an accident, contact the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. Speak with a Queens hip fracture lawyer. We can provide the experienced legal help you need following this serious injury. Learn how we can help you in your pelvic or hip fracture injury case by calling 866-679-2513 or 718-577-2573. We offer free consultations with attorneys and have three convenient office locations.