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Taking Action When Dangerous Playgrounds Cause Injuries To Children

Playgrounds and school grounds can be dangerous locations for children to play in. Gliders, slides and other equipment can cause injuries due to unsafe design or faulty maintenance. On-ground safety padding can wear out, lose its fill or be entirely absent. Even sunlight and heat can bring the risk of burn injuries.

Yet despite apparent dangers and severe injuries, playground and school ground injury cases can be hard to win. If kids simply wander into a play area and become injured, a subsequent legal case can be weakened because they were there voluntarily. Schools face more liability when injuries occur during scheduled and compulsory gym and physical education classes.

Experience In Handling Playground Injury Cases

If you need legal help following a playground or school ground accident, contact the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. We have handled multiple playground and school ground injury cases and can provide knowledgeable, caring and aggressive legal help. Our attorney team:

  • Combines for 80 years of legal experience
  • Has recovered numerous six- and seven-figure awards in premises liability cases
  • Works with all of Queens’ communities, including our long-established communities and our newer Hispanic, African, South Indian, South Asian, Chinese, Korean and Caribbean communities

We can investigate your playground or school ground injury claim and, if appropriate, file a claim, then investigate the accident and negotiate and litigate for your full compensation. For more information, contact one of our offices to schedule a no-charge consultation.

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