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Holding Owners Accountable For Inadequate Security During Rape And Sexual Assault Cases

Injury cases involving the failure to provide adequate and effective security are highly challenging. Why? Because property owners aren’t necessarily responsible for injuries that are caused by the lack of security guards and the lack of cameras, alarms and other security devices.

Property owners’ duty to provide security rises with the risk to visitors, residents and tenants. For example, property owners’ duty rises in high-crime areas. Property owners are only responsible for injuries if the injured plaintiff can prove that a high level of risk was present and that it was ignored by the property owner.

Experienced Legal Help When Property Owners Fail To Ensure Safe Premises

At the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, our attorneys bring more than 60 years of experience in handling premises liability cases to cases involving rape and sexual assault due to security failures.

When handling rape and sexual assault cases, we first investigate the circumstances of the accident and injury scene. Were there witnesses? Were cameras and lights broken? Did locks and locking systems permit intruders to enter what should have been secure areas?

We then visit the local precinct to investigate the area’s and property’s recent history of crime in order to demonstrate that the property owner’s duty to provide adequate security was neglected. We also work with in-house and private-practice medical experts to document all injuries.

Get Results In Your New York Negligent Security Case

We have handled hallway, rooftop, parking lot and common area assaults as well as attacks occurring in a range of other locales. Success in these cases has improved recently because plaintiffs no longer need to positively identify the attacker.

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