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What Is New York Labor Law 240 And 241?

New York Labor Law Section 240 — also known as the “Scaffold Law” — is a statute providing special legal protection for construction professionals working at great heights. Injuries are more severe if a fall occurs. Construction workers rely on general contractors and project managers to provide a safe work environment, particularly if they are on an elevated work location.

Section 241 of New York’s Labor Law requires the contractors, owners and their agents to provide for reasonable and adequate protection and safety of their employees while doing construction, excavation and demolition work. There is a complex scheme of statutes and regulations involved, and this is why injured parties need experienced and proactive attorneys fighting on their side.

If an owner or a construction manager subcontractor failed to adhere to safety standards, contact the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. Since 1950, we have represented construction workers and their family members following scaffold falls that end careers and bring financial hardship.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Our Queens lawyers hold project owners, general contractors and subcontractors and their staff accountable for violating NY Labor Law 240 and 241 by not furnishing proper safety devices. Failure of a safety line, harness or guardrail can result in catastrophic accidents. “Safety comes first, last and always.” Far too much is at stake to overlook improper hoisting or securing of a worker.

While injured construction workers and family members recover from the tragic event, we partner with construction experts to conduct an in-depth investigation of the scaffold fall. We understand that our clients’ immediate and future needs require our immediate attention as we fight to maximize compensation.

Protecting The Rights Of Queens Construction Professionals Since 1950

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