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Hospital and clinic patients are frequently vulnerable. At no time is their vulnerability greater than during surgical operations. Incisions, the need to keep vital signs stable, the need to safely administer anesthesia, and countless other dangers and details must be competently addressed, executed, monitored and safeguarded.

The dangers posed by surgery don’t just exist during surgery. Injuries and even death can result before surgery, when surgery is delayed and when doctors fail to recognize the need for surgery.

If you need legal help regarding a potential medical malpractice claim involving surgical errors, contact the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. We have handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases, including surgical error cases resulting from:

  • Failure to use due care during surgery
  • Inadequate medical care that inappropriately fails to identify the need for surgery
  • Inexcusable delays in performing surgery
  • The failure to consult with an expert or to send an at-risk patient to an expert
  • Surgical errors in emergency rooms
  • Surgery errors occurring during birth, during the treatment and investigation of colon cancer, and during plastic surgery
  • Failure to observe a pathology
  • Injury to organs, nerves or the blood supply
  • Failure to properly install a prosthesis
  • Failure to protect a patient’s airway, monitor metabolic changes and guard against thrombosis and infection

A Recent Case Illustrates Our Effectiveness In Handling Surgical Error Cases

Medicine is complicated, and it is often difficult to identify and prove a physician’s malpractice. Sometimes, however, surgeons’ errors are obvious and clear.

Mr. M went to a Queens County hospital because he was coughing blood. A CT scan of his chest showed a suspicious mass in the right lower lobe of lung, and surgery was eventually performed.

The surgeon assigned to Mr. M had already been disciplined for malpractice and was supposed to operate under supervision of the chief of surgery. The hospital, though, did not insist on compliance with this requirement. The surgeon proceeded to operate without looking at the CT scan or report, and therefore failed to examine the part of the lung with the suspicious mass.

The result? Mr. M’s advanced lung cancer was not diagnosed. By the time he went to another hospital and the cancer was diagnosed it was too late for any treatment. Our representation resulted in a financial recovery of close to $1 million, which helped Mr. M’s widow and children cope with the economic hardship caused by the loss of a husband and father.

Qualified Queens Surgical Error Attorneys

Surgical error cases require legal knowledge, medical knowledge and the resources to fund expensive and often drawn-out cases.

Our verdicts page provides short descriptions and results for several of the numerous surgical error cases we have handled. Our track record of success illustrates both our legal skills and knowledge, and our access to the highest-level medical experts, whose testimony is often key to proving medical negligence. Our long-established firm also has the resources to carry case expenses, which can amount to $50,000 and even $100,000 in surgical error cases.

A Signed Consent Form Does Not Necessarily Safeguard A Surgeon From A Malpractice suit

Many times doctors or staff have a patient sign a surgical consent form immediately before surgery; some patients we’ve worked with have even signed forms while being wheeled into the operating room. A consent form, though, does not necessarily exempt a doctor or hospital from legal responsibility for errors.

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