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When Your Loved One Has Been Injured Nursing Home Caregivers

Placing your parent, grandparent or other loved one in a nursing home is difficult. Yet, in many cases, it is unavoidable because families cannot provide the level of care and supervision needed.

Injuries such as bed sores, infections and falls can be minor to a young person but can be catastrophic to the elderly. These injuries can rob the victim of the ability to live independently, can worsen confusion or dementia and can even cause death.

The Tragic Nature Of Nursing Home Negligence

When a loved one is abused, mistreated or neglected by those entrusted with their care, the effects on the entire family is heart-breaking. What is so tragic is that many of these injuries are preventable. For example:

  • Did your loved one fall in a hallway or from his or her bed? There are usually indicators that lead up to fall injuries. Placing at-risk residents near care stations and using bed alarms can often prevent falls and injuries. Usually, the use of chemical restraints is not necessary and can place your loved one at risk.
  • Does your loved one have bedsores? Bedsores are easily prevented when conscientious nursing home staff members remember to regularly turn immobilized residents and patients.
  • Does your loved one suffer from malnutrition or dehydration? Nursing home residents are sometimes unable to feed themselves. Standards of care demand that food not just be delivered. If patients routinely fail to monitor residents’ eating and intake, then negligence and malpractice may have occurred.
  • Do you suspect your loved one has been overmedicated? Generally, standards of care do not allow for the use of medication as a restraint for hard-to-control patients.

If you have questions regarding nursing home negligence law following a loved one’s injuries or wrongful death in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, contact the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of medical mistake and nursing home malpractice cases in our 60 years of legal service to Queens, in cases involving unsanitary conditions, the absence of guards, falls, the lack of bed safety rails, overmedication, malnutrition and assault. For more information regarding nursing home negligence and knowledgeable legal representation, please contact our firm.

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When you place a spouse, parent or other loved one in a nursing home you rely on the facility to provide a safe environment. You are dependent on nursing home staff members to care for and watch out for your loved one because dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and other challenges prevent them from caring for themselves. When a nursing home betrays your trust, you have rights and we want to help. For more information, please contact our firm.

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