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NYC Attorneys For Improper Medication In Nursing Homes

Medication is often a regular part of life in a nursing home. Most residents require some type of medication in order to maintain their health. It is up to a nursing home to ensure that the medication being provided is the proper dose, the proper medication and given to the proper resident. If not, serious illnesses, injuries and even death can occur.

When improper medication distribution has injured a nursing home resident that you love, take action. At the New York law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we do not tolerate negligence on the part of a nursing home, which results in injuries and death. We use our over 60 years of practice when pursuing compensation for the losses that your family has suffered. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and concerns with a member of our firm.

How Medication Errors Occur

Nursing homes are responsible for the health and safety of their patients. The administrators and other caregivers need to be aware and keep specific documentation in order to ensure the proper medication is being given. We handle all types of medication errors that occur in nursing homes, such as:

  • Wrong medication: When an individual is given medication that was meant for another patient, or a container was filled with the wrong type of medication, the patient can become seriously injured. The pharmacist who filled the prescription or the nurse who administered may be held responsible, in addition to other negligent parties.
  • Incorrect dose: When a medication dose given is too low, the condition for which it was prescribed will not be helped. When a medication dose given is too high, a patient may go into cardiac arrest or die from the overdose.
  • Drug interactions: A patient’s entire drug history needs to be reviewed before any drugs are prescribed or given in order to ensure that the multiple drugs that a patient may be taking do not have negative effects when used together. Any contraindication of drugs must be noted to ensure no negative drug interactions or negative impact on health.

Ensuring Residents Take Their Medication

A large part of keeping residents healthy is ensuring that they take their medications. It is important that staff observe patients taking their medications and not rely on their word or an empty pill cup. Many residents have memory issues and may not remember taking their medications. If they are not taking their medications, or are taking more medications than necessary, serious injuries can result.

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