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Holding Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Centers And Clinics Responsible For Errors

Injured and ill people usually encounter family practice physicians and internists first when seeking medical care. These professionals often serve a “gatekeeper” role within HMOs and PPOs and must often be seen prior to referral to a specialist. Family practice doctors and internists therefore don’t just treat common ailments. They need to order necessary tests and recognize and treat conditions and make needed and timely referrals. When they fail, the consequences can be disastrous

If you believe that medical negligence committed by a family practice doctor, internist or primary care doctor resulted in injuries to you or a loved one, contact the lawyers of the New York law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. Our track record contains hundreds of successfully resolved medical malpractice cases, resolved for six and even seven figures. Just as important, our higher value cases don’t stand alone as one-time or occasional successes.

Our experience means we consistently win high-value settlement and jury awards for clients injured due to medical mistakes. In a recent case, a family practice doctor failed to properly treat our client’s hypertension by taking regular blood tests and failed to recognize the significance of abnormal values in her blood and urine. She consequently suffered two preventable heart attacks and the total loss of her kidney function. We settled the case for a high-value sum.

Emergency Room Delays

Emergency vehicles have the right of way through traffic congestion and can drive through red lights while other vehicles must, by law, make room. Why, then, is the urgency so closely associated with medical emergencies so often ignored when patients enter emergency rooms?

Delayed examinations and delayed care are leading causes of emergency room-related medical malpractice. When patients receive delayed care and when doctors, nurses and other medical care providers make other errors in emergency rooms, a medical malpractice lawsuit may lead to needed and deserved financial compensation.

Urgent care facilities resemble emergency rooms and therefore involve many of the same risks present in emergency rooms. For example:

  • When medical emergencies arise, fast and timely care is sometimes needed. Urgent care facilities that are understaffed or otherwise operated negligently may be unable to provide prompt care.
  • Urgent care facilities are usually unable to provide highly sophisticated medical care. When high-level care is needed, urgent care doctors must send patients to hospitals or specialized facilities. When they fail to properly refer patients, serious injuries and death can result.

Experience In Handling These Sorts Of Cases

The Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, has handled hundreds of medical negligence cases since 1950, and our attorney team includes several lawyers with medical malpractice legal experience exceeding 30 and 40 years. If emergency room delays and errors, understaffing or improper triage led to an injury to you or the injury or death of a loved one, we can provide knowledgeable and results-driven legal help. For instance:

  • In a recent emergency room error case, our client’s child was kept waiting for 10 hours prior to his examination and treatment of appendicitis. The delay resulted in a 16-inch incision instead of the usual three-inch incision. We resolved the case through settlement for a large and confidential sum.
  • We handled a case for the grown children of an elderly woman from Queens who received treatment for many ailments over the years from her family doctor. One ailment was frequent back pain, which was treated with shots and painkillers. Unfortunately, the back pain was due to a deadly type of cancer called plasmacytoma, which the doctor failed to recognize. He subsequently failed to order diagnostic tests and refer her to a specialist. By the time our clients’ mother went to an emergency room with unendurable pain the cancer had grown and was inoperable. We recovered $750,000 for her family.

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