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Experienced Legal Help Following Anesthesiologist Mistakes

Modern anesthesia typically involves one of two forms. Briefly, they are termed and practiced as follows:

  • The first is often referred to as general anesthesia. With general anesthesia a paralytic agent is injected, which stops the patient from breathing, and an endotracheal tube is passed down the throat into the lungs and provides oxygen for the patient. The patient is sedated for the operation.
  • The second is regional anesthesia, which involves deadening localized nerve cells via a nerve block in spine. An epidural during child birth is a good example of regional anesthesia.

Both forms of anesthesia can lead to serious injuries or even death. For instance, we recently handled the following pain management cases:

  • An epidural injection was placed in the wrong part of our client’s spine, leading to permanent nerve damage, pain and urinary incontinence. We obtained a $2.3 million settlement that allowed our client to relocate and purchase a home.

Why Hire Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP?

We have handled anesthesia error and medical malpractice law for 60 years, and we are highly skilled at identifying pain management errors and pursuing clients’ maximum financial recovery. Our extensive experience and long-standing reputation mean:

  • We can knowledgeably read medical records and often detect what is not written. Clues to medical negligence are frequently in omitted materials and comments.
  • We have access to high-level medical experts who won’t even return the phone calls of unknown attorneys. We have long-standing relationships with high-level doctors and other medical professionals. Their testimony can make or break a case.

We frequently handle stroke-related anesthesia errors and anesthesia errors involving virtually all types of illnesses and procedures. If you or a loved one has been injured due a medical care provider’s carelessness regarding anesthesia, you deserve experienced and effective legal help. For more information about our firm and your medical malpractice law legal rights, please contact one of our three offices.

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