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Like any type of business, hospitals try to present an image of seamless and efficient service and care. Unfortunately, hospitals are just as susceptible to poor practices as any other type of business and sometimes, good business does not equal good medical care.

When hospitals fail in their duty, the result is often medical malpractice/hospital malpractice, which can lead to serious injuries, a diminished quality of life and even the wrongful death of a patient. Common causes of hospital errors and hospital malpractice include:

  • Lack of adequate supervision of doctors and nurses in training, leading to errors committed by students who are still learning and who are susceptible to making mistakes
  • Understaffing and the overworking nurses and residents. This can lead to avoidable errors. Sometimes good business is bad medicine.
  • Doctor errors with significant consequences like the incorrect identification of a patient and subsequent incorrect treatment

Holding Hospitals Accountable For Negligence

In addition, hospitals can be held responsible for the negligence of doctors whom they employ, such as radiologists, ER doctors and ICU doctors, as well as residents and interns. Further, hospitals can be responsible for:

These are just examples. Hospitals in the New York City area are large, complex corporate entities that provide a wide range of services involving many professionals, para-professionals and service personnel. The range of professional negligence that can and does cause serious and sometimes catastrophic injury to patients in a hospital goes beyond what is typically thought as medical malpractice.

A Recent Case Illustrates Our Effectiveness In Handling Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Hospital Errors

In a recent case in Suffolk County, our client was admitted to a hospital while experiencing dehydration and confusion. The nurses failed to properly assess her fall risks; as a result, our client fell and broke her hip. We recovered $450,000 for our client at trial.

Our Attorneys Can Provide The Effective Legal Help You Need

To sort out the details of a potential medical malpractice claim, contact the New York law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP. Using both our extensive experience and our medical expert contacts, we can investigate key legal and medical questions such as:

  • Who is responsible for the problem and who is the defendant — the hospital or a doctor who practices at the hospital but who is not employed at the hospital?
  • How did a failure to meet the standard of care cause the injuries?
  • What is the full value of the claim?

Our lawyers’ experience ensures your case will be well-managed from start to finish. This is important because a misidentification of the defendant can “kill” a case before it even starts. Our experience also means that, as we review medical records and other evidence, we can identify which details and even documents are missing. Often, important information is discernible “between the lines.”

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