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Family members of bed sore/decubitus ulcer victims are often confused and surprised regarding the cause of bed sore injuries. Bed sores occur in the following way; when skin presses on a surface, the skin’s blood supply is cut off. Healthy people move throughout the night, allowing for the flow of blood to skin/surface contact areas like shoulders, the back, buttocks, heels and ankles. Unhealthy and elderly people, however, are often unable to move, and bed sores result. Skin fragility associated with aging and abrasions from sheets can also contribute to injuries.

Bed sores are relatively easy to identify and begin with localized redness. Prevention is also simple, through:

  • The regularly turning of the patient
  • The use proper beds
  • Proper and regular skin care
  • Adequate nourishment and hydration
  • Regular and frequent skin inspections, so that a skin wound can be treated before it becomes serious

The Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld LLP, has handled numerous bed sore injury legal cases and believes strongly that nursing homes, hospitals and their staff should be held responsible for medical negligence. This belief is especially firm regarding bed sore cases because:

  • Victims are often senile and immobilized, and completely dependent on staff members who are paid to provide adequate care.
  • Bed sores are easy to prevent when staff members provide conscientious and diligent care.

We have handled cases in which patients have over a dozen stage four bed sores and cases in which families’ requests for a response to developing bed sores were denied. Often, the causal factor is greed. Many care facilities exist to make a profit. When profits are put before patients’ care, injuries and fatalities can result.

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Our lawyers are prepared to provide hospital and nursing home negligence legal help backed by decades of legal experience. For more information about our firm and the rights of you and your family following bed sore injuries, please contact one of our offices in New York. Our main office in Queens is located at Queens Blvd. and Union Turnpike, easily reached by the LIRR, subway lines, bus routes and car.