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There For You Following A Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

The possibility of breast cancer brings grave risks. It’s important for patients and their families to obtain legal help when medical issues arise following doctors’ failure to:

  • Adequately examine patients for lumps
  • Listen to and pay attention to patients’ complaints
  • Competently read medical reports and images
  • Perform or recommend needed tests, such as mammograms and sonograms
  • Make timely referrals to radiologists or surgeons for biopsies

The attorneys at the New York law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, have handled hundreds of medical negligence cases, have an on-staff medical health professional and have resources needed to prepare for and thoroughly handle challenging cases. We have handled breast cancer cases involving:

  • The failure to adequately examine patients
  • The negligent and careless reading of medical reports and images
  • The failure to perform and properly biopsies

How Does Such A Misdiagnosis Occur?

Improper screening, treatment and follow-up can lead to the preventable need for radical mastectomies and chemotherapy, the preventable spread of cancer to other parts of the body, a greatly reduced chance of survival and premature death.

A Recent Case Illustrates Our Effectiveness In Handling Cases Involving The Failure To Diagnosis Breast Cancer

Our client’s wife observed a palpable mass in her breast and promptly visited her doctor. Mammogram and a sonogram results lead to a surgical biopsy, which showed atypical cells. Her gynecologist promptly referred her to a surgeon for a biopsy. Unfortunately, instead of conducting a biopsy, the surgeon performed a needle biopsy and missed the tumor. The error resulted in a nearly year-long delay in diagnosis and treatment, worsened her condition and contributed to her untimely death. Her family recovered compensation for her wrongful death in the sum of $750,000.

Lawyers Helping Victims Of Medical Malpractice Since 1950

For more than 60 years, our law firm has helped clients find answers after serious medical errors such as breast cancer misdiagnosis. If you have questions about breast cancer and medical malpractice, please contact our firm for a no-charge consultation.