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Helping You Find Answers After Cancer Misdiagnosis

The failure to detect, diagnose and treat cancer in its earliest-possible stages is one of the most preventable and devastating forms of medical malpractice. Early detection and effective treatment almost invariably increase the chance of a successful outcome. The shock of a cancer diagnosis is made worse by:

  • The knowledge that an earlier diagnosis should have occurred
  • A preventable and dangerous delay in beginning treatment

If your doctor or hospital has betrayed your trust by failing to timely diagnose and then treat your cancer, you should consider your legal options.

An Experienced Team Of Medical And Legal Professionals

At the Queens law firm of Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, our attorneys have handled dozens of medical negligence cases involving the failure to diagnose cancer. With the help of our in-house, on-staff medical professional and from expert surgeons and oncologists, we have successfully managed cases resulting from:

  • The failure to detect tumors following complaints of pain and bleeding, unexplained loss of weight, the discovery of lumps and other cancer symptoms
  • The failure to detect tumors and lesions following CAT scans, MRIs and other tests conducted during the treatment and analysis of other conditions
  • The failure to properly read mammograms, PAP smears and cultures
  • The failure to provide or recommend proper follow-up
    • Often, a failure to refer patients to specialists
  • The failure to properly communicate information and risk
  • The failure to insist on diagnostic tests when insurance companies refuse to pre-approve and pay for care

A common theme in doctors’ failure to diagnose cancer is the failure to treat patients, not symptoms. When doctors treat individual symptoms, a patient’s overall health can be neglected, leading to failure-to-diagnose issues.

Recent Cases Illustrate Our Effectiveness In Handling Cases Involving The Failure To Diagnosis Cancer

  • Our client visited her doctor for an annual gynecological exam, during which her doctor noticed that her uterus was enlarging and that she had growing fibroids. He failed, however, to appreciate the fact that she was post-menopausal and her fibroids should be shrinking, so he did not conduct a timely investigation. A seven-month delay in diagnostics contributed to the worsening of her cancer and her death. We were able to obtain an award of $1 million for her grown children.
  • In another recent case, doctors failed to observe the growth of cancer in our client’s nonfunctioning kidney following a kidney transplant. We obtained a jury verdict for his widow in the amount of $1.5 million.

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Doctors do not give cancer, but their patients deserve the best chance and hope in fighting and beating this terrible disease. When doctors make mistakes in diagnosing cancer, patients and their families deserve compensation for the resulting fear, injuries and shortened lives.

For more information about your rights following cancer-related medical malpractice, contact our lawyers for a free consultation at one of our three New York law offices.