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Skilled Legal Guidance In Guardianship Matters

When an individual is unable to care for him or herself, concerned family members can step in to help. By establishing guardianship of an adult or child, you provide a way to care for that person. If a disabling illness or injury, the deaths of a minor child’s parents or other traumatic event has struck your family, a lawyer at our firm will help you understand relevant laws and obtain the appropriate form of guardianship.

NYC-area attorney Lynn L. Sirotkin stands out with decades of experience and an absolute commitment to our clients’ well-being. As our recent testimonials show, our efforts in complex real estate, probate and other legal matters consistently reward our clients’ trust in us. Please contact our law firm today to learn how we can help you and your family with guardianship issues.

Do You Need The Legal Authority To Make Decisions For A Family Member?

Legal guardianship gives a trusted person the legal authority to make financial, medical and other critical decisions for your vulnerable loved one. At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we will engage with you and take the time to fully understand your unique situation. Our services include:

  • Personalized guidance through every step if you need to petition for a guardianship to manage someone’s property and finances or make other decisions on his or her behalf
  • Issue-spotting to ensure you are petitioning for the proper form of guardianship under New York laws and that your petition accounts for all potential concerns of the court
  • Ongoing availability to you as a guardian who may need assistance meeting legal obligations and staying in compliance with the legal terms of your guardianship

Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the pertinent options and procedures, and we always focus on our clients’ best interests. We also offer extensive estate planning and probate services, so all our guardianship work is informed by a broad view of our clients’ long-term needs.

New York City And Nassau County Attorneys Handling Property Guardianships

To talk with a caring, accomplished lawyer about your need to obtain a minor or adult guardianship, arrange a consultation today. Please call 718-577-2573 or 866-679-2513 during business hours or send us an email anytime.