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Long Time Representation Of Executors In New York

The responsibilities of an executor are complicated, but necessary following the death of a loved one. If you have been appointed to that important role, you need an attorney at your side. You need a knowledgeable and experienced advocate to help fulfill each task throughout the legal process from initiating probate to paying estate taxes.

Experience In Assisting Executors

Since 1950, the lawyers at Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, have helped those appointed to be an executor following the death of a loved one. The job of an executor can be time-consuming and often emotionally draining. Family members may dispute not only your appointment, but also the property they receive.

Careful legal steps must be taken for the following:

  • Initiating probate, including the appointment of the executor and guardian ad litem, filing of forms, and opening and managing a bank account for the estate
  • Securing the home and possessions — including antiques and valuables — for collection and inventorying of assets
  • Preparing the home for possible sale
  • Implementing a pour-over trust for assets not covered in the trust
  • Collecting debts owed to the estate
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Working with an accountant to close the estate and file tax forms

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