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What is informed consent?

Medical terminology can be complicated and indecipherable for non-medical people. When a New Yorker goes to their doctor, they may not fully understand the complex words and terms included on their after-visit report. Because medical concepts and words can be hard to...

Burnout can lead to medical malpractice

The medical profession is a highly revered field. Most people respect their doctor, which means that those doctors are instilled with a lot of trust. Yet, despite the education, training, and experience that these medical professionals posses, they often make mistakes...

Common types of surgical errors

Any surgical procedure may introduce risks to the health and safety of a New York resident. Those who choose to have surgical procedures performed, however, do so after evaluating the risks of side effects and the potential benefits they could experience if their...

What is informed consent?

As an experienced medical professional, your doctor has a legal obligation to give you, as the patient, the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment. Based on the information provided to you by the doctor, you may choose to consent to the...


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