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How is lung cancer diagnosed and misdiagnosed?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

With all of the medical advances and technology at doctors’ disposal, you would think that obtaining an accurate diagnosis of a medical condition would be relatively easy. But the sad reality is that diagnostic errors occur all the time. In fact, some studies have shown that as many as 28% of all cancer cases are misdiagnosed. Lung cancer is among them.

How is lung cancer diagnosed?

There are multiple tests that a doctor can perform to detect the presence of lung cancer. Imaging tests such as an X-ray or a CT scan can detect masses and lesions that require further analysis, and examining sputum produced from coughing can detect the presence of cancerous cells. But perhaps the most effective way of diagnosing lung cancer is by taking a biopsy of abnormal cells to determine whether they are cancerous in nature.

How errors occur

Although these testing procedures can be highly accurate, they are left in the hands of individuals who may be prone to mistakes. Doctors sometimes neglect to spot symptoms that are indicative of lung cancer, and they may, therefore, fail to order appropriate testing. Or a doctor might simply misinterpret test results. Either way, a delay in diagnosis can cause the disease to advance, making a patient’s prognosis far worse.

Hold errant medical professionals accountable

No one should suffer harm caused by a cancer misdiagnosis. But if you or a loved one is in that position now, you are probably trying to find some accountability and some compensation for the damage that you suffered. If so, you might want to continue reading about medical malpractice cases and what they can do for you. An attorney who is experienced in this area of the law may prove beneficial to your efforts, too.