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Pattern of prescription errors risk lives of mental health patients

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

When a patient receives medical care, there is an understanding that a certain level of care is provided to patients. This holds true whether one is going through surgery, getting treatment, filling a prescription or is receiving mental health care, a patient believes that they are receiving adequate medical care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and poor medical care often leads to medical errors and harm to patients in New York and elsewhere.

Prescription errors

When prescription errors are not reported, this can compromise the health and safety of all patients being treated. This is what occurred at a mental health center in Colorado. Based on reports, there was a pattern of prescription errors that reached the level of being severely life-threatening. An official investigation revealed that these findings were withheld from the public for nearly a year by three state agencies. This information only came to light because news reporters began investigating into reports of public concern regarding this facility.


Investigators found that nearly half of the 58 outpatient clients they looked at received such a low quality of care that it was categorized as having life threatening impact. In fact, it was found that two of these patients died as a result. The biggest concern of this investigation beyond uncovering the pattern of serious medication errors was the fact that there was zero public disclosure.

Despite a whistleblower at the facility, much of what was uncovered was not initially revealed publicly. As a result, lawmakers in the state are debating other mental health care bills. This would not only direct funding but also set responsibilities for the Behavior Health Administration. This could help ensure public disclosure of problems and errors and a means to help correct them.

Medical errors can range from communication errors to surgical mistakes; however, no matter the cause or reason, medical errors could cost the life of a patient. Therefore, it is important that patients harmed by medical errors understand their rights. Pursuing a medical malpractice action could help one recover compensation for the losses and damages suffered.