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Can you drive with headphones in New York? 

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Automobile Accidents |

It’s very common for people to listen to music on headphones or earbuds, often while they are walking or biking or going for a run. But can these same individuals get back in the car and listen to their headphones while they drive?

You may question why people would want to do this, considering the car has a built-in stereo system, but there are a lot of different reasons. Perhaps the sound quality on the headphones is simply better. Maybe they have passengers who don’t want to listen to the same music. Maybe it’s just easier just to keep the headphones on if they were listening while they walked to the car. But are they allowed to do this?

How many headphones are they using?

It’s an interesting law in New York, in that driving with headphones on is not illegal. You’re just not allowed to listen to more than one headphone at a time. You need to have one ear uncovered so that you can hear sirens or the sound of traffic around you, but the other ear can be listening to the headphones or to an earbud. If you use both, however, then that is illegal.

Why are headphones dangerous?

The problem with driving with headphones is that they can be a serious distraction and they cut the driver off from the world around them. They may not hear things that they need to hear to drive safely, or they may zone out and get so involved in listening to the music or other information that they’re just not paying as much attention to the road.

If one of these drivers causes a car accident that leads to serious injuries, those who have been injured need to know how they can seek financial compensation. Remember that headphones are just another driving distraction, and these have often been proven to cause serious crashes.