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How a driver can look attentive but still be distracted

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Automobile Accidents |

Many distractions in the car are fairly obvious. If someone is looking down at their phone, you know that they’re distracted. If a parent is talking to children in the car and turning around to hand them items, you can see that they are distracted and that they may cause an accident.

However, there are also many drivers who look like they are attentive and completely dialed in, but they’re actually very distracted and could cause a crash at any moment. The problem is that they’re just not thinking about driving

The risk of being lost in thought

There are a few different ways to define this. Many people call it being lost in thought. Others call it daydreaming. Some just talk about having a hard time keeping their attention on the road.

No matter what they call it, this is one of the top reasons for distracted driving accidents. When someone isn’t thinking about what they’re doing, even when they are physically in control of the car and they are looking where they should, they can still make critical mistakes.

In some cases, it gets so bad that people will arrive at a destination and not be able to remember the drive there. They were completely zoned out. They feel very lucky that they made it without causing an accident. Well, for every person who has that experience, there’s likely someone else who didn’t make it without causing an accident.

Have you been injured?

If you do get injured in this type of car crash, you need to know how to seek compensation. This might be able to help you with wages that you lose or your medical bills