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Is clinician burnout affecting your healthcare?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Having access to quality medical treatment and healthcare is essential for New York residents. It is no secret that working in the healthcare industry can lead to major stress and exhaustion, which can be extremely harmful to patients.

There is even a term coined for this issue: clinician burnout. This is defined as a syndrome involving a high amount of personal exhaustion, low feelings of personal accomplishment and a cynical attitude.

Alarming statistics

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that clinician burnout is affecting high numbers of healthcare workers. According to the National Academy of Medicine, 45 to 60% of medical residents and students feel major burnout and 35-54% of doctors and nurses experience burnout. Additionally, it is estimated that the cost of burnout in the United States each year is $4.6 billion.

The impact of burnout is serious to both healthcare workers and their patients. There are many things that cause burnout, such as impossible workloads, particularly if doctors take on administrative tasks that others could take responsibility for. Burnout also results in staffing shortages, which increases the chance of medical malpractice in the form of a misdiagnosis or errors during procedures.

Doctors and healthcare workers with burnout may develop depression or suicidal thoughts or turn to negative coping mechanisms such as heavy drinking. This leads to poor communication and relationships with patients, and a higher risk of safety issues.

You have a right to quality medical treatment

The reasons for clinician burnout are complicated, and the problem is not likely to be solved anytime soon. However, doctors and health care workers still have a professional duty to their patients. If that duty is breached, resulting in an injury and damages, a claim for medical malpractice may be established.

Victims of medical malpractice often experience severe consequences, including additional necessary medical treatment, lost wages, the end of a career and debilitating pain and suffering. A qualified legal professional can help assess the situation and explain available options.