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Common causes of wrongful diagnosis

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

If you are injured or trying to overcome an illness, you may need to rely heavily on treatment by medical professionals. Workers in the medical industry typically go through several years of training before being eligible to treat patients.

Although many years of training can give medical professionals the expertise and knowledge required to make people better, they are still human beings who are not immune from making errors. Additionally, those in health care also have the potential to act both carelessly and recklessly. Mistakes or inappropriate conduct by medical professionals can have devastating impacts on patients. One common type of medical error is wrongful diagnosis, and this can occur for a number of reasons.

When workloads are too high

It is no secret that those in the medical profession are kept busy. Generally, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are able to manage their workloads. Nonetheless, there are occasions where staff can be placed under too much pressure. This can result in an insufficient amount of time being allocated to patients, which can be to their detriment. Where the observation of a patient has been rushed, errors are more likely to occur. By spending too little time with a patient to obtain a diagnosis, there is a possibility that something gets missed. This means that patients might not receive the treatment that they need with immediacy, which in turn could result in their condition worsening.

Being seen by many people

It is often not possible for one doctor alone to provide care for a patient. This means that a team of healthcare professionals will generally be involved in the recovery process. Usually, this works out for the best and patients receive high standards of care. However, when several people are involved in a medical case, important factors can be lost in translation. While fragmented care can be beneficial, if it is not carried out with diligence, the potential for misdiagnosis is always present.

You are entitled to the highest standards of care when receiving treatment in any medical institution. If you feel like you have been let down by health care professionals, there may be legal options open to you.