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Clinician burnout is real and it is dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

We truly live in unprecedented times, but, unfortunately, this seldom is a good thing. And, the term, clinician burnout, has become a trending term as of late. This is because, for the past two years or so, the entire medical industrial complex has been working overtime and to the max without a respite. Prior to this time, burnout was already an issue, but now, it has become an epidemic.

Traditional causes

For decades clinician burnout has been an issue because of the way we structure healthcare in the U.S. We keep our medical providers awake and working for 24-hour shifts, and then we give them a never-ending stream of paperwork. The stress of being idolized and an expectation for perfectionism adds stress on stress on stress.

Recent changes

Now, these issues have not gone away. They are still ever present. In fact, the paperwork and idolization have only increased in the past couple of years. Though, the workload has exploded. Where there was downtime, there is now just a continuing stream of patients. Time off has been sparse, and some medical professionals have worked nearly seven days a week for over a year.

The consequences

For New York City and Queens County, New York, clinicians, burnout is dangerous for the clinicians themselves and their patients. For clinicians, there has been an explosion of suicides and giving up of their career aspirations and dreams. For patients, the results are injuries, even death, caused by distracted and overworked medical care providers. This is not a personal judgment of the providers themselves, but, instead, an indictment of our entire medical system. Though, patients that are injured as a result of that system can file a medical malpractice claim against all involved.