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Why is a title search crucial when buying real estate?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Real Estate |

Before you sign and commit to purchasing property, you should always do a thorough title search. If you do not, you could tie yourself into a problematic situation that might take years to resolve.

Completing a title search also means you can take out title insurance, which will cover you if unforeseen title issues turn up later.

What problems might a title search discover?

Here are some of the things a title search might reveal:


  • Someone has a lien on the property: If the previous owner has unpaid bills, the person they owe may have put a lien on the property. It means they have a claim on it, so to remove that claim, you or the present owner need to settle the debt. Spotting that now makes it the current owner’s problem, not yours. They may have paid the debt, but the lien still shows due to an administrative error.


  • Ownership issues: If the property seems a bargain, it might be because the “owner” is trying to sell it and take the money before other relatives with a claim on the property find out. Older properties can sometimes have issues because records were not so accurate before.


  • Boundary issues: If there is confusion over the property borders, it is best to clear them up now. Otherwise, you could face a dispute with the neighbors later.


Resolving title issues before buying a piece of real estate will be much easier than doing it after. Having aid to carry out a comprehensive title search can save you time, money and stress. If you find issues, you can look at ways to resolve them if you still wish to proceed with the real estate purchase.