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Why defining your property boundary matters

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Real Estate |

Some rural villages have festivals where they walk the parish boundary each year to reinforce that it is theirs. Dogs do a similar thing, going around each morning to mark their territory. As a property owner, things should be more straightforward, yet sometimes they are not.

Real estate boundary lines are marked out in two main ways — on paper and the ground. Yet, often the two do not match.

Why do boundary disputes occur?

Defining property lines is now easier than ever. You get a professional to do it with satellite technology. That is fine if you are buying a piece of land in a pristine wilderness. Yet, there is not much of that about in New York. Every piece of real estate will have passed through many hands, and the accuracy of the boundary definition and record-keeping will have been less efficient for most of that time. Parcels of land may have been sized wrongly or poorly defined. Rivers or streets that defined a property limit may have moved, or the deed written centuries ago with quill and ink may be smudged and hard to read.

Not all boundary issues are old. They continue to happen in the modern day with neighbors encroaching, people claiming the former owner made a verbal deal with them and so on. If you are about to buy a property, it is essential to set things straight before purchasing. You may be able to do this through a quiet title action, or you may need to pursue other legal means. Understanding your options lets you be clear that the property you are about to buy will indeed be yours.