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What to expect when buying a home

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Real Estate |

Buying a home can feel like an unattainable goal for a New York resident. With residential real estate prices skyrocketing and economic uncertainty, it can always feel like there will be a better time to jump into the real estate market. However, when they are ready, a person can choose to purchase a residential property in which to build their life and home.

There are many legal issues that can arise during the home purchasing process, and because of this it can be extremely helpful for prospective home buyers to speak with real estate attorneys about their questions. This post will cover some of the general information home buyers should understand before signing on a purchase contract. However, readers are reminded that this post does not provide any legal advice.

Doing the work before looking at homes

Before choosing a home to buy, a prospective buyer should know exactly what they are looking for. They may research neighborhoods and schools if they have a family, and they may look at their commute options for how they will travel to and from work. They should understand home features and whether the home they want should have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. A buyer should also understand what it means for a home to be part of a cooperative or condo association. It can be immensely helpful for a prospective buyer to have a tailored lists of home features that they would like to see in their properties.

Making the offer

Once a buyer has found the home they want to purchase, they may make an offer. An offer is an extension to contract on the sale of a piece of real property. A buyer’s offer can be accepted, rejected, or counter offered. Knowing how to react when an offer receives a response can be confusing, and real estate lawyers can help their clients understand what options they have from moving forward with their chosen properties.

Getting to closing

If a seller accepts a buyer’s offer, they may enter a contract for the sale and purchase of the property. There are many steps that must be completed before a sale can go through, such as an examination of the property’s title, inspections to ensure safety and compliance, and other important tasks. New buyers may be unaware of these requirements and their real property attorneys can help them understand what must be done to get to closing.

Buying a home is exciting but also complex. All buyers, whether novice or experienced, can benefit from seeking the counsel of real estate lawyers when purchasing new residential properties.