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Three ways a real estate attorney can help when selling a home

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Real Estate |

The real estate market in New York and throughout the country is incredibly hot. Individuals are moving at high rates and those who wish to capitalize on this trend by selling their homes may not know exactly where to start the process. Experienced real estate sellers and those new to the market can all benefit from working with real estate attorneys when they begin the selling process.

This post will introduce readers to 3 ways real estate attorneys can support their home-selling clients. No part of this post should be read or used as specific legal advice, and readers are reminded that the home selling process is complex.

Reason #1: Negotiating the best price for the sale

Real estate attorneys are familiar with the markets in their communities. They understand what properties are selling for and what inclusions in properties can increase or decrease their values. A real estate lawyer can help their client ensure that they negotiate a fair and reasonable selling price for their home. On their own, a home seller may not be able to identify the specific reasons their property should sell more than what a buyer is asking for and may lose money on the transaction.

Reason #2: Completing inspections and disclosures

When a person sells their home, they must disclose any defects or issues that could affect the usability or value of the property to perspective buyers. This gives buyers an opportunity to make the best possible decisions about whether they wish to purchase properties with potential additional costs. The failure of a seller to make specific disclosures can be detrimental to their final home sales transaction. A real estate lawyer can help their client ensure all inspections and disclosures are properly made in a timely fashion.

Reason #3: Finishing all the paperwork

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows that there is a lot of paperwork that goes into the process. Understanding what a seller is signing and what rights or statements they are agreeing to can become complicated due to the excessive amount of paperwork they must complete. One of the benefits of working with a real estate attorney is that a legal professional will help a seller understand, complete, and verify all of the documents they must sign.

Real estate attorneys add confidence and clarity to the home selling process. New Yorkers who are prepared to put their homes on the market can benefit from working with trusted real estate lawyers as they begin.