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New York Nurse hurt by patient due to hospital negligence

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Hospital Negligence |

A hospital presents itself as a facility of professionals that work together to create a safe place for patients, visitors and employees. While this is often the case, risks and dangers can enter hospitals and medical clinics. Although some of these risks are minor and unavoidable, others can cause one major harm and could be due to hospital negligence.

Failure to act

Based on recent reports, a nurse was injured in a patient’s stabling spree. This event took place roughly a year ago, and recently the legal matter asserting negligence went to the State Supreme Court. Details of this event suggest that the hospital and its security staff failed to act, which in turn resulted in a nurse being stabbed in the neck. In addition to her being attacked, two other nurses were stabbed as well as a technician. All survived the stack.

Hospital negligence

The injured nurse claims that the hospital failed to put the patient, who is known for his propensities for violence and has been restrained on prior occasions, in a wing of the hospital with heightened security. Additionally, she asserted that security was not informed of the patient’s arrival at the hospital. Finally, she stated that after the initial attack on a technician, the hospital failed to call a code gray. This resulted in the patient obtaining a pair of scissors, stabbing two nurses before stabbing the burse that filed the action.

Hospital negligence could impact anyone within the parameters of a hospital. While it is likely to cause harm to patients, employees could also fall victim to hospital negligence. Thus, it is important that one harmed by hospital negligence take the time to pully understand his or her options and what steps could be taken, such as a civil action. This could help address the damages and losses suffered by the matter.