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What is medical malpractice?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

New Yorkers suffer from a range of medical conditions. While some individuals may suffer minor accidents and illnesses that resolve in days, others may receive serious diagnoses that can threaten their long-term health and survival. When medical issues arise, most individuals turn to their trusted doctors and medical professionals for advice and treatment.

Many doctors and medical care providers take their duties to their patients seriously. They execute their responsibilities with care and compassion. Unfortunately, some medical professionals fail to provide their patients with sufficient care and those lapses can result in pain, suffering and death.

This post will discuss medical malpractice, the area of law that covers the mistakes and malfeasance committed by medical professionals. No part of this post should be used as medical or legal advice. When readers have questions and concerns about the care they have received from medical professionals, they can turn to their trusted medical malpractice attorneys for guidance.

Standards of care for medical professionals

When a person goes to see a doctor, a duty of care is created between the doctor and their patient. That duty of care imposes a responsibility on the doctor to treat their patient as a reasonable doctor in their field would and not less. A doctor who fails to follow standards of their profession and does not provide reasonable care to their patient may be liable for the patient’s losses if the doctor’s actions result in injuries or loss.

The failure of a doctor to meet their standard of care to their patient is a breach of their duty, and legal options can arise from breaches of duty. When a patient suffers losses because of their doctor’s wrongful actions or omissions, medical malpractice laws may become relevant.

What to do after suffering a medical malpractice loss

Unfortunately, incidents of medical malpractice often become apparent only after victims suffer losses and death. In the wake of a medical loss, a victim and their family may have questions, concerns, and fears. While there are no guarantees in the law, medical malpractice attorneys can help their clients understand their rights and options for seeking the compensation that they deserve.