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Poor sterilization practices can lead to serious infections

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Hospital Negligence |

Most people think of hospitals as being clean, but the truth of the matter is that they can be dangerously unhygienic. In fact, health care-acquired infections affect more than 700,000 people a year, with 75,000 of them dying. While not all of these infections are attributable to poor medical hygiene, a significant portion of them are caused by bad hygienic practices.

The infections in play

Hospital infections can run the spectrum of severity. While some people might develop something as common as influenza, others might develop more severe infections such as Hepatitis A, B, or C, or even something like HIV. MRSA is also a common infection in hospital settings. Any one of these conditions could lead to a worsened medical condition or even death.

How hospitals put you at risk

The sad reality is that while hospitals have safety measures in place to ensure that surgical instruments, equipment, and even rooms are kept clean and sanitary, far too often medical professionals fail to follow proper protocols. A surgical team might fail to sterilize surgical tools, thereby leading to an infection at the incision site, or catheters and other lines entering the body might not be kept clean, thereby leading to infection. Tragically, far too often medical professionals either don’t realize that they’re making these mistakes or they try to cover them up. This can lead to delayed care, more harm, and more patients being affects.

What you can do about it

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a health care-related infection, then now is the time to action. You can proactively work to try to find accountability and acquire the compensation you need to pay for your medical care, ease your pain and suffering, and find a sense of justice. Of course, not every medical malpractice claim is successful, which is why you need to be diligent and aggressive in the development of your case. An experienced legal professional can help you craft the strong legal arguments that you need to advance your claim in the best way possible.