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Reminders for drivers and bicyclists in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Automobile Accidents |

As the weather warms up, more people may use a bicycle to travel around the city. In New York, there are some helpful reminders for drivers and bicyclists to stay safe on the road.

Bicyclist reminders

Bicyclists should not ride on sidewalks, however when they ride on the street, they should face traffic so they can be easily seen by approaching drivers. It’s also helpful for bicycles to have headlights, red taillights, bells, horns and reflectors.

Bicyclists are also required to obey all traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. When marked bike lanes or paths are available, bicyclists should use them. Also, they should be aware of their surroundings to avoid colliding with pedestrians, cars or other bicycle riders.

Driver responsibilities

Drivers should yield to bicyclists, just like they would for other cars on the road. They should watch for bike riders in parking lots, at stop signs and at intersections.

If a driver is turning right on red, they should look to the left, right and behind them to avoid hitting a bicyclist who is approaching from the rear.

It’s important for drivers to obey the speed limit, slow down near bicyclists and to be aware that weather conditions can make it harder to stop. Bicyclists have the right to travel on the road and drivers should not pass them too closely.

If a person is injured in a bicycle accident with a driver, he or she can have expensive medical bills and may lose time from work to heal. An experienced attorney can review the situation and pursue compensation on the injured person’s behalf.