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Possible defendants in a hospital negligence claim

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Hospital Negligence |

Every year, thousands of Americans go into hospitals for medical treatments. They may require surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, or pharmaceutical therapy. Many individuals who enter hospitals for care leave with improved medical conditions. Unfortunately, some suffer complications due to hospital negligence and experience losses that can include death.

When a New Yorker is harmed in a case of hospital negligence, they may have options for seeking the recovery of their damages. Their plan for recovery may include litigation and filing lawsuits against various parties. This post will discuss some of the parties that may be included in a hospital negligence case, but no part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice.

Suing a hospital: Potential parties to include

Not every reader may know, but it is possible to sue a business or organization. When a victim suffers losses due to negligence in a hospital setting, they may be able to sue the actual hospital itself for their damages. Whether a hospital is publicly owned or privately managed will not have any bearing on its ability to be sued.

When a hospital’s employees act negligently, they also may be sued by a medical malpractice victim. A hospital may incur vicarious liability if it employed negligent doctors, nurses, or other medical care providers.

Additional parties to consider in hospital negligence claims

The providers who negligently cared for a hospital negligence victim can be included in a lawsuit as stated, but a victim may also want to consider these parties as possible defendants in their lawsuits:

  • Drug makers whose products caused the victim harm
  • Makers of dangerous or defective medical devices
  • Anyone else who contributed to their worsened condition while in the hospital

Hospital negligence and medical malpractice are complex areas of the law. Victims of these often preventable incidents can suffer serious long-term losses. Their medical malpractice attorneys can advise them of their best options for securing the recovery of their damages and moving their lives forward.