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Many pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles each year

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Automobile Accidents |

Many people in New York end up walking at least part of the way as they go to their various destinations. They may take the subway, use Uber or Lyft, take a taxi, drive their car or ride a bus as well, but they generally need to walk to get to the various modes of transportation and walk to their final destination. As they walk, they will generally be on sidewalks, but most likely they will need to at least interact with the vehicles on the road as they cross streets.

This means that the pedestrians must follow the various traffic control devices and to be aware of their surroundings, but it also means that all of the vehicles on the road need to do the same to avoid hitting pedestrians. Unfortunately, that does not always occur though and many pedestrian accidents each year.

Pedestrian accident statistics

During a two-year period, there was an average of 12,506 visits to the emergency room due to pedestrian-vehicle accidents. There were also 3,027 people who were hospitalized due to the injuries they suffered in the accidents. Sadly, there was also an average of 312 deaths in pedestrian-vehicle accidents during that time period.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can be particularly devastating for the pedestrians who have little protection between themselves and the road. They are also so much smaller than vehicles so the vehicles do not need to be travelling at high rates of speed to cause major injuries. This is why there are so many hospitalizations and deaths as a result.

These accidents happen far too often in New York and most are preventable. They can leave the victims in a very difficult position physically and financially as well. Medical bills can be very expensive and add up quickly. The victims may be able to obtain compensation from the driver who cause the accident though. Experienced attorneys understand the difficulties of these cases and may be able to help one receive what they deserve.