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A review of possible fault in a slip-and-fall accident

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

New Yorkers are all too familiar with the slippery and unsafe conditions that may meet them when they open their doors during the winter months of the year. Snow, sleet, and ice may all collect on steps, sidewalks, and other exterior surfaces and create dangerous places where individuals must walk. Those forms of precipitation may follow individuals inside and form wetness and puddles on interior floors, both of which can cause dangerous slips.

Slip-and-fall accidents can harm victims and create long-term problems for their health and prosperity. When they occur, victims may have options to litigate their personal injury claims for the recovery of their damages. Doing so requires them to prove fault, though, and supportive personal injury attorneys can guide their clients through the necessary legal steps to sue.

Slip-and-fall accidents and premises liability law

Property-based personal injury accidents often fall under the general topic of premises liability law. In premises liability, it is assumed that property owners are reasonable people who take care of their properties and fix dangerous conditions. If they are unable to fix dangerous conditions, they provide warnings to individuals to enter upon their land and property.

When a property owner fails in their duty of care to maintain their properties in reasonably safe conditions, their visitor may become a victim of the property owner’s negligence if they suffer harm. For example, a property owner who knows that they have a loose front step and does not fix it may face claims of fault for a visitor’s injuries when they stumble over the problematic step.

Factors that impact premises liability claims

There are many issues that can impact the success of property-based personal injury claims like slip-and-fall accidents. The foreseeability of the victim’s injury, the knowledge the property owner had of the dangerous condition, and the right of the victim to be on the property owner’s premises can all affect how a premises liability claim is heard and adjudicated.

When considering litigation based on a slip-and-fall accident, it is important that victims get case-specific help. They can talk with personal injury attorneys about their losses and expectations. Attorneys can provide victims with the answers they need, and no part of this post should be read as specific legal counsel.