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Common types of surgical errors

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

Any surgical procedure may introduce risks to the health and safety of a New York resident. Those who choose to have surgical procedures performed, however, do so after evaluating the risks of side effects and the potential benefits they could experience if their surgeries are successful. With careful and competent medical care, many individuals have positive outcomes from their surgical and operative procedures.

There is a difference, though, between an unsuccessful but property performed surgery and a surgery plagued with mistakes. Surgical mistakes and errors happen when medical professionals fail to use reasonable care in the treatment of their patients. This post does not provide any medical or legal advice but introduces several common ways that surgical errors harm medical malpractice victims.

Wrong-site surgeries

A wrong-site surgery is a problematic medical mistake. It happens when a patient has the correct surgical procedure performed on their body but in the wrong place. For example, a wrong-site surgery may occur when a doctor amputates their patient’s right foot but the patient required a left foot amputation.

Wrong-procedure surgeries

A wrong-procedure surgery occurs when a patient has the wrong operation done on their body. A patient who requires one medical procedure but has another done while under anesthesia make wake up to find that their underlying condition was not treated and that they have been subjected to an unnecessary medical procedure.

Wrong-patient surgeries

Wrong-patient surgeries happen when surgeons and medical teams perform surgical procedures on the wrong individuals. When patients have similar names, or when hospitals fail to create comprehensive pre-surgical plans to check patients against their planned procedures, these tragic mistakes can happen.

What to do about a surgical error

A surgical error can create many problems for a victim. Aside from not having their underlying medical condition treated, they may have an extensive recovery from the erroneous surgery that they did receive. They may experience lost wages and extensive medical bills. Their post-surgical error life may be diminished in quality and enjoyment. When they are ready, they can speak with a personal injury attorney about their possible medical malpractice claims.