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The overall cost of a birth injury can be astronomical

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Birth Injuries |

Birth injuries are traumatic mainly because parents who are going into childbirth with lots of hopes and dreams wind up having to watch their child suffer through the consequences of a painful and oftentimes debilitating injury.

However, the emotional costs aside, the financial losses a family will have to cover from a birth injury are also much higher than what most would estimate.

Perhaps because they are so emotionally charged, hospitals and even individual doctors may move quickly to try to settle with the family quickly.  They may even offer what seems like a generous settlement and be willing to pay the family immediately.

While it might be tempting, parents of an injured child should resist accepting a settlement offer straight up, especially without the help of legal counsel.

The reason is that there are many expenses associated with a birth injury which the parents might not think of and the hospital may not be offering.

For example, certain disabilities may require a parent to pay for in-home care, renovations to their home to make it handicapped accessible and specialty treatments.

Parents of birth injury victims need to develop a life care plan

After negligent medical professionals cause a birth injury, the parents of the victim should work carefully with their legal counsel and other professionals to develop a life care plan before accepting any settlements. A life care plan will take note of possible hidden costs, including the costs of ongoing medical care of the child.

This plan should account for all the costs associated with their child’s birth injury just to make sure that the family gets the compensation they will need to provide for the child in the long term.