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Poor physical therapy can worsen a patient’s condition

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Many people who are patients in New York’s nursing homes or other assisted living facilities are three because they have a hard time moving and getting around.

Sometimes, immobility happens because of an injury or specific illness, although people also naturally get less mobile with age.

Rehabilitation with physical therapy is a common treatment in nursing homes

Many patients will therefore require physical therapy or other rehabilitation services during their stays in nursing homes. When all goes well, the therapy will improve the patient’s mobility.

At best, the patient may be able to return home or go to another facility where they have more opportunities for independent living. At a minimum, good therapy will improve a patient’s quality of life.

Physical therapists have to undergo specialized training and licensure in order to practice their art. Although not doctors, they get paid well for their expertise in helping people improve their mobility and stay active.

Negligent physical therapists can cause serious injuries

Unfortunately, as is the case with doctors, some physical therapists are better at their jobs than others.

There are bad physical therapists out in the market who do not really offer much benefit to their patients. In the worst cases, these outliers can significantly injure their patients.

For example, if the therapist does not do a thorough job of evaluating a patient, she may choose the wrong type of treatments and exercises. The end result could be further injury to the patient.

Likewise, a therapist who is not properly trained are who just isn’t careful is prone to allowing or even causing his patient to fall.

Elderly patients and others in nursing homes are particularly prone to suffering broken bones and other serious injuries after a fall, and it may be difficult for the patient to recover fully.

Victims of negligent physical therapists may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.