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Should you file a malpractice claim over a surgical error?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Surgical Errors |

When surgery is taking place, there could be many complex aspects of the case. The surgeon has to concentrate to avoid making mistakes. Simple errors, like cutting just a little too deeply, could cause a serious bleed and lead to a patient dying on the table.

In most cases, people make it through surgery without any complications, but there are people who end up suffering as a result of surgical errors. Whether it was piercing the bowel or removing the wrong tissues, there could be real complications as a result of the surgeon’s errors.

Is it worth filing a claim against a surgeon for their mistakes?

Yes. It is worth filing a claim. Aside from your losses, you may bring attention to the fact that errors that could have been avoided are still happening. Mistakes like cutting too far into the body and hitting nerves or piercing organs are issues that surgeons are taught to avoid. If they do cut too far, they should be prepared to repair the damage and prevent further complications.

Unfortunately, some surgeons do not do the correct checks to make sure that a patient’s surgery was successful. Some are too tired, and others are rushed. If they make mistakes that wouldn’t have happened if another surgeon in the same specialty had performed it, then a patient may have a case.

Medical malpractice cases rely on the fact that you were injured and suffered financial losses as a result. Keep that in mind when you speak with your attorney about your intention to file a claim, so you can build your case from the ground up with as much evidence as possible.