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How do informational errors cause emergency room negligence?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Hospital Negligence |

Hospital emergency rooms are often action-packed environments in which medical staff members must make on-the-spot decisions. Unfortunately, this kind of environment can lead to mistakes that harm patients instead of healing them.

In much of the research centered on medical mistakes in New York and other city emergency rooms, data errors stand out as a top cause of hospital negligence. How can making what seems like a simple error in processing or assessing a patient’s information result in negligent injuries?

According to research, emergency room personnel make injurious errors most frequently when they misjudge the significance of the data collected on patients. In turn, this can result in a premature or even incorrect initial diagnosis. Since emergency room team members are the first to see a patient in crisis, diagnostic errors can lead to significant harm.

The research also considers how many released emergency room patients returned to the emergency department within 72 hours of their initial visits. In many cases, these returning patients were admitted into the hospital upon their second visit, suggesting that they did not receive proper care the first time around.

Other types of hospital negligence involving data errors include the following.

  • Problems with verifying the data gathered on emergency room patients
  • Inadequate or improper attempts to collect information from patients
  • Inadequate knowledge on the part of the treatment team can also result in errors

Emergency room staff members have a lot of responsibility, but they are trained to handle emergencies with a clear mind. When they fail in their duty to do no harm, injured Queens victims can take legal action to mitigate the harm they have suffered. Learn more about your legal remedies for hospital negligence by consulting with an experienced advocate.