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Some birth injuries are easier to diagnose

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Birth Injuries |

Every expectant parent wants a flawless birth, and modern medicine makes that more common than it used to be. But problems can still occur, and people can learn about the signs, so they are better prepared to react to them if necessary.

The most common injuries are also the least concerning. Births put pressure on the young physical form of the baby as well as the mother, and small bruises or scrapes can appear during the process and disappear soon after. Swelling of the scalp, although sometimes odd in appearance, often subsides in a few days after birth.

Internal bleeding is more dangerous to newborn children, although it is not always more obvious. An intracranial hemorrhage, which is a bleed inside the brain, is not uncommon in newborns and may be caused by trauma during the birth process.

Swellings on the skull are occasionally the result of bleeding between the skull and the skin. These swellings may disappear within days or weeks and medical attention may not be required, but doctors may need to check them to verify they are not part of a bigger health problem.

Trauma during birth is often the reason for the minor and ignorable injuries that may happen, and the mistakes of medical professionals might be a cause of the trauma. Parents may need financial help to care for children with extraordinary needs, and financial damages from the responsible doctors or hospitals.

An attorney can help discuss these needs if they arise. No parent wants to think about this possibility, but a lawyer can help make a future when it is a reality.