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Johnson & Johnson settle lawsuit over vaginal mesh implants

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

Imagine being a patient with significant gynecological issues. As a result of your constant pain and the dysfunction within your body, you and your surgeon decide that vaginal mesh could help. You go through with the operation, but you never really heal. Infections continue to flare, and chronic pain keeps you up at night. Eventually, you have to have the device removed. This was a complication, but was it normal? In this case, it may have been a problem with the surgical implant.

It is clear that surgical errors and problems with medical devices can lead to serious issues for patients. One such lawsuit has finally been settled, according to an Oct. 17 report.

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to settle a vaginal mesh lawsuit for $117 million after it was accused of hiding the risks of the surgical product and putting patients’ lives at risk. Johnson & Johnson, along with a subsidiary, Ethicon, Inc., resolved the case with several states’ attorney generals after it was discovered during an investigation that the companies had continued to misrepresent risk and complications despite knowing they could harm patients.

The companies have been ordered to disclose the risks of these mesh devices, including risks that could be irreversible. Some of the potential risks include inflammation, chronic pain, scarring and painful intercourse. The companies are also no longer allowed to state that the implant is FDA approved. The settlement didn’t involve either company admitting to liability or misconduct.

If you have suffered injuries from a surgical implant, speak out. You may be entitled to compensation.