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Get help when neglect or abuse leads to nursing home injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

If there is one thing that can break your heart, it’s finding out that someone you love has been hurt by another person. It is even worse when that abuse happens at the hands of someone who is supposed to be caring for them.

Nursing home abuse cases are tragic because they are avoidable. Residents deserve to be treated with respect and decency. If a facility is not able to handle patients kindly and with the experience needed to provide care to the elderly, then they should no longer be in business.

What should you do if an elderly member of your family is hurt in a nursing home?

The first step is to remember that not all injuries that happen in a nursing home are a result of neglect or abuse. Sometimes, the elderly fall, get sick or reject certain medications. Sometimes, medical conditions worsen more quickly than you were expecting them to.

That being said, any kind of injury should be investigated. If your loved one falls, it is fair to ask why they fell and what kind of steps are being taken to prevent fall injuries in the future. If the nursing home reports positive steps being taken and can show that the fall was accidental, then you may consider leaving your family member there for continued care. However, if there is no explanation for the injuries or you get a sense that a nurse or other medical provider was involved in your loved one’s injuries, then you are within your rights to move them out of the facility and to seek legal help.