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Food service is a major problem in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

Children grow up implicitly trusting their parents a lot of the time. Since the family unit is the strongest human construction, they grow and strengthen with trust over time. In the same way, elder relatives may need to trust their children if the time comes to seek help.

Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and other places to live with help for senior citizens who may be facing some new limitations, like physical infirmity or mental issues. But these are also based on trust, as some may not offer the care that people need and few residents have the ability to advocate for themselves.

Although abuse and neglect get a lot of attention as possible risks in nursing homes, food handling is also important as kitchens in homes provide nearly all the sustenance to patients and residents. Unsafe food protection practices have become the third-most reported violations for nursing homes across the country.

The year after a third of all nursing homes were cited for some sort of food violation, the U.S. government is repealing some safety protections, including high qualifications for food services directors.

“They’re clearly weakening the standards regarding food service and the safety of food handling,” said a New York-based advocate for safe food in nursing homes.

These sorts of problems increase the need to be careful when choosing a nursing home for a relative who needs one. If a resident has been sickened or injured under care, a lawsuit for financial damages may help with recovery or preventing future problems. An attorney can help look at these issues and recommend the best way to resolve them.