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Bronx woman suffered broken jaw after planned biopsy

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

More than a few decades ago, hospitals were not a big part of American health care. They were open only to critically ill people or patients with a specific malady, while many family doctors would make trips to patients’ homes. Now, the hospital is home to much of our diagnostic and corrective medical care.

We have to have implicit trust in our doctors and clinical staff when we require the help of a hospital. Physicians take oaths to protect the health and safety of their patients, but mistakes can be made. Some medical problems that happen in health care settings are unavoidable, but if negligence or poor decision making are involved, doctors and their employers may have to answer for it.

An octogenarian woman in the Bronx is looking for answers after a planned biopsy went wrong at a Manhattan hospital. The drama began five years ago when she complained of a hoarse voice. A doctor ordered a sample taken from her throat but it never happened because several of her teeth were missing.

A physician claimed the teeth had fallen out, but a dentist claimed they had been knocked out in a traumatic event that also broke her jaw. Additionally, when the biopsy failed to happen, the hospital billed Medicare for the procedure anyway.

This sort of unfair dealing with hospitals can be countered with lawsuits for financial damages, which can help with recovery after medical errors. An attorney can help with the research and planning it takes to consider this move, as well as representing a patient’s interests in court.