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Getting prepared for a surgical procedure

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

When people first receive word that they need to have surgery, the initial thought may be daunting and unsettling. As they proceed with their treatment plan, people should be in regular communication with their health care provider in New York to receive information about what the surgery will entail, what they should anticipate in terms of recovery and how the surgery will contribute to accomplishing the objective of improving their well-being. 

One way that people can increase their chances of a productive procedure and reduce their nerves and uneasy feelings is to plan ahead. In preparation for the surgical procedure they will be receiving, people should proactively do things that will help their body to be ready and responsive to what is going to happen. 

According to Stanford Health Care, patients should be sure to undergo all of the required procedures leading up to their surgery. This may include things like x-rays or CT scans. Such analysis will enable their health care provider to make more educated decisions about what should happen so they do not have to put their patients under any unnecessary stress or trauma. People should also speak with their surgeon about whether or not they need to fast from food and drink in the hours or day leading up to their surgery. Another recommendation is that people thoroughly clean and if needed, shave the area where the surgery will occur. 

The American Society of Anesthesiologists suggests that people do their best to maintain their health as they prepare for their surgery. If they drink or smoke, they should try to suspend these habits in the days leading up to their surgery. People should also eat healthy foods, stay active and get plenty of rest in preparation for their procedure.