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Emotional pain following sexual abuse in a nursing home

On Behalf of | May 5, 2019 | Nursing Home Neglect |

From financial abuse to physical abuse which leaves victims with physical pain and scars, the consequences of nursing home abuse can be very upsetting. Unfortunately, some nursing home residents are subjected to abuse which is sexual in nature, which can also be physically devastating and may lead to significant emotional challenges as well. Following an occurrence of sexual abuse, a victim may be too ashamed to do anything about the abuse, and they may become very depressed or stressed out in the wake of the mistreatment. It is very important for victims to protect their rights and take steps to prevent abuse from occurring again.

Sexual abuse takes many forms and happens in many different ways, but any example of sexual abuse in a nursing home cannot be tolerated. Those who have violated the rights of a resident in this manner should be held fully responsible for the physical and emotional pain that they have inflicted on victims. If you suspect that your loved one was sexually abused in a nursing home, or if you have been through this devastating mistreatment yourself, it is pivotal to take action right away.

Regrettably, many more people will be subjected to various forms of sexual abuse in nursing homes. Sometimes, nursing home residents are especially vulnerable in this regard, and some may decide to remain silent for any number of reasons, whether they do not think they will be taken seriously or they are too stressed out to deal with it. However, those responsible for sexual abuse cannot be allowed to get away with their actions.