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When a child’s brain is injured due to hospital negligence

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Hospital Negligence |

There are so many examples of hospital negligence, and we have covered many of these issues and the consequences of these incidents on our blog. Unfortunately, some can be particularly tough, such as those which involve young children. From newborns to teens, children are injured and even pass away as a result of hospital negligence in many ways. We believe that negligent medical workers in Queens and throughout New York should never be able to get away scot-free when their actions have caused young children to suffer. Sadly, this continues to happen at an alarming rate across the country.

Brain injuries among children occur in many different ways in a hospital setting. For example, a child’s brain may be injured at the time of their birth, or they may sustain a brain injury during an operation. In fact, a child may even suffer a brain injury after falling down due to a slippery surface while trying to walk around in a hospital. As with any brain injury, the consequences can be lasting, and they can disrupt life in numerous ways. A child’s personality may change in the wake of a brain injury, or they may have a hard time concentrating in school after the accident.

Family members may notice that a child does not seem to be the same after a brain injury, and they may be unsure of what to do. Moreover, the consequences of brain injuries among children may take time to become apparent. Sadly, this has disrupted the lives of many children and their families.